Jib Cranes: Smart Choice to Move Heavy Materials & Bulks

Lifting capacity of cranes varies from ton to ton. Generally, customers demand cranes which bear ½ to 6 ton, however, for the applications where moving is done on an extreme level, special cranes ranging from 200 to 300 tons are suggested. Shifting items within few meters may sound easier for you, but it takes lots of strength which human power cannot provide. From a few meters to 100 meters, cranes just make the work easier and fast. Also, using crane can reduce the chances of unwanted accidents.
Jib Crane Manufacturers
So what are the businesses, cranes are used for? In short, they are used in anywhere, where heavy loads (load 100 to 300 tons) are needed to move from ground to a few meters, for example, Port Area/ Ship Yards. They are also majorly used on the military vehicles. But, generally for construction sites and storage businesses capacity up to 6 tons suffice.

Moreover, there is another usage of this is that it is used in carrying coals, minerals, and scrapings. For this type of usage, it uses bucket instead of hook.
Two hoisting winches help crane bear the load, however, for light the weighted goods, supplement changes can be done on the same crane.

Depending on the mounting, JIB cranes are of different types, used for different purposes;

  • Single Girder EOT Crane
  • Double Girder EOT Crane
  • Underslung SOT Crane
  • Gantry Crane and Goliath Crane
  • Semi-Gantry Crane
  • Circular Crane

Best JIB Crane Manufacturers in India

Ambica Engineers is a leading manufacturer of Jib Cranes in India, they offer cranes used in loading and unloading heavy goods. They provide cranes up to 6 ton capacity and 6 Meters. For example, Cantilever boom Crane, it is mounted on existing column or wall structure which provides 180 degrees of boom rotation. On a special request we can also offer self-supported ‘Pillar mounted Jib cranes’ with 360 degrees of boom rotation.


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