Interesting Facts about Cranes We Bet You Didn’t Know Earlier

One thing that you will find on almost every construction site is Crane. Not only the construction industry, a crane also finds its use in the manufacturing process of both large and small equipment.

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With all this being said, now is the time to know some interesting facts about this much useful machinery.

  1. The crane gets its name from a popular bird name ‘Crane’ the machine resembles with the long-necked and long-legged bird in its shape and structure. These birds are larger than the other birds and are also the tallest flying birds in the world.
  2. A machine is known as ‘Shaduf’ is the earliest crane known to man. It was used more than 4,000 years ago in Egypt for the purpose of transporting water. It’s still in use in some rural areas of Egypt.
  3. Greeks invented the first man-made crane in 500 BC for construction and lifting heavy materials. The archaeologists have found evidence that proves that crane like machinery was used in the construction of wonders like Greek Parthenon.
  4. In ancient times, animal and human power was required for powering the crane. These machines were made from wood and had long wooden beams attached to a rotating base.
  5. With the advent of steam engines in the 19th century, people and animals were not used for powering the cranes. Steel was the main material that was constructed by using these cranes.
  6. Many renowned world politicians started their career as crane operators. These included politicians from the legislative assembly of the United States, Australian and British MPs as well as some popular English authors.
  7. The most famous crane operator was Anna Walentynowicz from Poland. She was a free trade union activist and it is because of her struggle, that the Solidarity Free Trade was formed.

These were some of the facts about cranes that we bet you were not aware of. In case you are looking forward to buying the best cranes for your industries, contact Ambica Engineering, the one of the best crane suppliers in India.


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