Interesting Facts about Cranes We Bet You Didn’t Know Earlier

One thing that you will find on almost every construction site is Crane. Not only the construction industry, a crane also finds its use in the manufacturing process of both large and small equipment.

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With all this being said, now is the time to know some interesting facts about this much useful machinery.

  1. The crane gets its name from a popular bird name ‘Crane’ the machine resembles with the long-necked and long-legged bird in its shape and structure. These birds are larger than the other birds and are also the tallest flying birds in the world.
  2. A machine is known as ‘Shaduf’ is the earliest crane known to man. It was used more than 4,000 years ago in Egypt for the purpose of transporting water. It’s still in use in some rural areas of Egypt.
  3. Greeks invented the first man-made crane in 500 BC for construction and lifting heavy materials. The archaeologists have found evidence that proves that crane like machinery was used in the construction of wonders like Greek Parthenon.
  4. In ancient times, animal and human power was required for powering the crane. These machines were made from wood and had long wooden beams attached to a rotating base.
  5. With the advent of steam engines in the 19th century, people and animals were not used for powering the cranes. Steel was the main material that was constructed by using these cranes.
  6. Many renowned world politicians started their career as crane operators. These included politicians from the legislative assembly of the United States, Australian and British MPs as well as some popular English authors.
  7. The most famous crane operator was Anna Walentynowicz from Poland. She was a free trade union activist and it is because of her struggle, that the Solidarity Free Trade was formed.

These were some of the facts about cranes that we bet you were not aware of. In case you are looking forward to buying the best cranes for your industries, contact Ambica Engineering, the one of the best crane suppliers in India.


What To Look For When You Are Searching For Gantry Crane Suppliers?

For some reason or the other, we often search for gantry cranes for construction purposes and buying it is no cake walk. In fact, it is a long-term investment and the fact that a single wrong choice by you can question the safety of many, cannot be denied. This is the reason why you need a quality gantry crane supplier so that you get to buy a safe and sturdy crane. Quality gantry cranes increase worker safety, streamline production and improve the operations. However, before buying a gantry crane you need to do a lot of research. Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind before you buy a gantry crane.
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Things to Keep in Mind Before you Choose Gantry Crane Suppliers

Here we go!

1. Do a lot of Research

Did you find a supplier who is rated too good on the internet? You feel as if everything is sorted, now all you need to do is buy the crane and get the work started, but the internet is not 100% correct and the ratings and reviews can be fake as well. So, do some research first on the internet and then authenticate it by going to each and every supplier on your own. This will take some time, but finally, you will get a perfect gantry crane supplier in the end.

2. Know What Exactly do you Want

At times too many options and opinions confuse us, as a result of which we tend to make the wrong choice. It is acceptable at times, but in this case, a wrong choice can make a lot of difference. Firstly, understand what actually your requirement is. There are four main types of cranes- jib cranes, workstation bridge cranes, monorail cranes and gantry cranes. Read about each one of them. Knowing about all of them will help you in improving your knowledge. Also, you will know what exactly you want and will decide accordingly.

3. Analyze your Application

Ok! So this one is really crucial. Once you have decided what crane you need according to the requirement, analyze how easy or difficult its application can be. The wrong or uncomfortable application can cost lives and is very dangerous. So, make sure that you go through the crane and analyze the application as well so there is no confusion or conflict afterward.

4. Make a List of the Best Gantry Crane Suppliers

Once all your research work is done, jot down a few names of those suppliers who were the best of them all. Analyze wisely before coming to a conclusion. Try to write the names of just 5 suppliers, who according to you were the best. This will make it easier to decide which one is the best and according you can take the call.

To find the best gantry crane, you need to find the best Gantry crane manufacturers in India as well. It is very crucial to make sure that you are taking a wise decision as one wrong decision of yours can cost many lives. So, stop worrying and start searching. There are too many options out there.

Top Five Factors To Consider While Choosing Jib Crane

Jib cranes are versatile machines designed for repetitive heavy lifting tasks. You can find the application of jib cranes in manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses. In the machine shop, they lift and transfer job from one station to other. The same task can be very cumbersome with regular forklifts. They are also employed in loading and unloading jobs. They quickly load and unload materials from trucks. You would always find jib cranes cost effective in comparison to gantry and bridge cranes.

Jib Crane

With, all these benefits, you must invest in jib cranes to increase the efficiency of your workplace. And, as you plan to buy a jib crane for your set-up, have a look at five important factors that helps you select right jib crane.

Installation Criteria:

Once you decide the type of jib crane to install, you need to focus on various installation factors. Is the support ready? Is the mounting surface ready? Is the poured concrete base to support your free standing jib crane ready?

You may need a concrete contractor to complete the task of installation. You would also require an electrician to complete the task of a power supply. The experienced jib crane manufacturers have a good expertise of all these factors. They have a tie-up with contractors and electricians to provide you the right solution.


To determine the right capacity of your jib crane, you should be clear with the load requirement. You must take largest/heaviest jobs while making consideration.  Note that load capacity is always going to be higher than the weight to be lifted. You need to consider the weight of hoist, impact loading factor and add a factor of safety at last. No doubt, increasing Factor of Safety (FOS) increases material requirement and ultimately, the cost. FOS is crucial from the safety point.

Overall Height and Under Boom Height:

Overall height is the top most point of the crane. It should be free from any obstructions (like electrical connections) to the movement of boom. Under Boom Height is the height of the bottom side of the boom measured from the floor. It helps you determine the lifting distance.

Power Requirement:

Though manual jib cranes are also available, they are a low-duty type. High-duty jib crane needs power to drive rotation pillar, trolley and hoist. You need to be clear with a power requirement of each of the three components. How will you provide the power? Is it be electrical for all or pneumatic one?

Path of Travel and Rotation:

You should have a clear picture of the travel path. It is going to help you determine the type of jib crane you should install. Whether you need 180°, 270° or 360° rotation?   A mast type and freestanding jib cranes facilitate 360-degree rotation. A pillar jib crane can give you 270° rotation. Whereas, you need to install a wall mounted jib crane for 180-degree rotation.

With all these factors in mind, you can select the right jib cranes. They are good for repetitive and light load-unloading job. You can check out various trusted jib crane manufacturers in India that provide a holistic solution right from installation to maintenance of jib cranes.

A Brief Look At The Usefulness of Jib Cranes

Civil engineering projects make use of different types of cranes all the time. These cranes not only help in lifting heavy weights but they also make it a lot easier to finish the projects in time. Among the various important crane types that are used for such projects, the jib cranes deserve special mention. Jib cranes are a specific group or category of cranes that make use of a mounted arm for lifting, lowering and moving heavy materials. This arm is mounted on a perpendicular pillar or wall at an acute angle and it can rotate along a limited arc or a full circle on the central axis. They are frequently used in different types of industrial sectors like warehouses and docks for loading and unloading shipping containers.

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The main reason why they are considered so invaluable in the industrial environments is that they work on the principle of mechanical advantage. The idea of mechanical advantage indicates to the principle that any machine, such as a pulley can multiply the force that is exerted on it with the help of a given factor. This makes it possible for the crane to lift extremely heavy weights by less input which would otherwise take much more input to accomplish. A crane makes use of different types of pulleys along with simple machines such as gears and levers that can make it easy to lift heavy weights.

Since the jib cranes always enjoy a very high level of demand from the industrial sectors, they are regularly designed and developed by jib crane manufacturers in a variety of models. This makes it possible for the industrial clients to meet their production goals while at the same time make efficient use of their resources. Such factors make it a practical choice to invest in these useful cranes.

Jib Cranes: Smart Choice to Move Heavy Materials & Bulks

Lifting capacity of cranes varies from ton to ton. Generally, customers demand cranes which bear ½ to 6 ton, however, for the applications where moving is done on an extreme level, special cranes ranging from 200 to 300 tons are suggested. Shifting items within few meters may sound easier for you, but it takes lots of strength which human power cannot provide. From a few meters to 100 meters, cranes just make the work easier and fast. Also, using crane can reduce the chances of unwanted accidents.
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So what are the businesses, cranes are used for? In short, they are used in anywhere, where heavy loads (load 100 to 300 tons) are needed to move from ground to a few meters, for example, Port Area/ Ship Yards. They are also majorly used on the military vehicles. But, generally for construction sites and storage businesses capacity up to 6 tons suffice.

Moreover, there is another usage of this is that it is used in carrying coals, minerals, and scrapings. For this type of usage, it uses bucket instead of hook.
Two hoisting winches help crane bear the load, however, for light the weighted goods, supplement changes can be done on the same crane.

Depending on the mounting, JIB cranes are of different types, used for different purposes;

  • Single Girder EOT Crane
  • Double Girder EOT Crane
  • Underslung SOT Crane
  • Gantry Crane and Goliath Crane
  • Semi-Gantry Crane
  • Circular Crane

Best JIB Crane Manufacturers in India

Ambica Engineers is a leading manufacturer of Jib Cranes in India, they offer cranes used in loading and unloading heavy goods. They provide cranes up to 6 ton capacity and 6 Meters. For example, Cantilever boom Crane, it is mounted on existing column or wall structure which provides 180 degrees of boom rotation. On a special request we can also offer self-supported ‘Pillar mounted Jib cranes’ with 360 degrees of boom rotation.

Various Features of Gantry Cranes And The Advantages of Using Them

Gantry cranes are some of the most frequently used cranes in industrial, manufacturing and construction sites. These are typically used when economical means for carrying or lifting extremely heavy are required. The lightweight yet sturdy design of the gantry cranes allows them to be moved easily from one place to another and for this reason they are widely preferred by their users.

Ambica en 18Gantry cranes are indispensable where high end shipping containers or large concrete slabs are needed to be moved. These are made up of high quality structured steel that are then welded and fabricated by advanced techniques. Such techniques provide them with the ruggedness that they are known for. Here are some of the advantages of using these cranes.

  • They are widely used for safe maneuvering of heavy loads within an industrial environment.
  • These cranes can be repositioned from one place to another quite easily.
  • They offer reliable services on spaces or surfaces that are uneven.
  • The cranes can be used as instant workstations that can be easily moved or positioned within just a span of fifteen minutes.
  • The standard models of gantry cranes can lift weights ranging anywhere between 500 lbs and 10000 lbs. The customized versions can handle materials or items that weigh almost up to 50000 lbs.
  • As these cranes yield to easy usage for a wide range of applications, they are frequently preferred by industrial workers over certain other crane types.

If you are looking for gantry crane units for your own industrial or construction usage, then you can get highly reliable products from the gantry crane manufacturers in India. These crane manufacturers also specialize in designing and developing other types of cranes as well, such as jib crane units and EOT crane units and you can buy these from them as well.